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Adventure Sports

Here at Himalayan Visitor, we offer a full range of adventure sports that help you make your outing more special and memorable. This diverse landscape is no less than a delight for adventure enthusiasts who are waiting to engage in both land and water sports. Also, the most photographed snow covered peaks are ideal for different adventure sports, including trekking and paragliding.

To make your stay in Himachal Pradesh amazing and wonderful, we, at Himalayan Visitor,are giving our 100%. Whether it is about camps or adventure sports, you find everything in the best state with top-class quality. Our adventure camps in Manali offer to make the most of some thrilling opportunities. These include jeep-safari, biking, cycling, fishing and even river-rafting.



Snowboarding is one of those thrilling sports that have gained immense popularity across the globe. Due to the Manali Region in the state of Himachal Pradesh, this sport is known as attention grabbing sport in the winter season. In fact, your outing is considered incomplete if you don’t take part in this sport. The key … Continue reading SNOW BOARDING



The diverse mountainous terrains of Himachal Pradesh allow you to enjoy various adventure sports and trekking is one of them. The attractive valleys, peaks and plains of this state attract many trekking enthusiasts every year. All the treks are known for their own thrill and have specific timings. While the winters have their own charm, … Continue reading TREKKING



Mountain cycling offers a great opportunity to savor the picturesque and scenic attractions of Himachal Pradesh when you are on a trip. The ideal sites for this adventure sport include mainly the lower regions of this state. The districts of Kangra, Hamirpur, Una and Bilaspur offer a perfect combination of zig-zag mountainous terrains and undulating … Continue reading CYCLING



Driving a two wheeler on the mountainous terrain may be an unusual affair; however, it gives a unique and unforgettable experience for the lifetime. Some of the rural areas of this state have rugged and unwelcoming environment which is perfect for testing your driving skills. The route for biking starts from Shimla and ends at … Continue reading BIKING



How about standing 3500 meters above sea level and then taking a jump to enjoy the actual thrill of flying? Well, if such thought brings a sheer excitement to you, then paragliding is for you. Paragliding in Himachal is indeed a dream of every tourist who loves adventure sports. Besides offering you a never forgetting … Continue reading PARAGLIDING



The true fascinating thing behind river rafting, also named as white river rafting, is the never ending excitement and thrill in the snow-fed rivers. Ideal for various adventure water sports, the rivers in the state of Himachal Pradesh invite everyone to indulge in colloquy with the nature. Some of the greatest and popular sites for … Continue reading RIVER RAFTING

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